Saban to Fans: Keep Your Fannies in the Seats


If you think this game means a lot to Arkansas and their fans, Coach Saban wanted fans to know this means A LOT to us too.

He wants the same atmosphere that was in Fayetteville last year to be in Tuscaloosa Saturday and he wants every Bama to keep their butts in the stands during the game.

Saban said this at the end of his coaches’ show Thursday:

“When Saturday comes, you've got, how many, 40 hours to get ready to get us pumped up with your energy and enthusiasm and emotion that you create as fans," Saban said. “And that's every ass in every seat for the whole game.”

Saban also said that he expects the enthusiasm that the Bama players will have during the game, should be shown by fans as well because it could make a difference.

So, those going to the game tomorrow, you heard Coach Saban make some noise (although we know you will), get pumped up and help the Tide BBQ the Hogs tomorrow.

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I like the tide is winning right now & i hope they keep it up. I wish the luck in winning the rest of their games.

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