To Tweet or Not to Tweet Tide Players Answer the Question


There has been a lot of talk of late about whether or not college athletes should use Twitter. Izzy Gould of the Birmingham News asked certain Crimson Tide players how they felt about Twitter and their answers my surprise you.

Nick Saban has said recently that he had no policy against his players using the social networking tool as long as they aren’t giving secrets away online.

And a lot of the Tide players take that to heart including wide receiver Darius Hanks.

“I really try not to get into anything personal or what my friends may say to me," Hanks said. "I try to ignore them. Fans may tweet me or whatever and I may receive what they say. But other than that, I don't get into the Twitter thing really that much because it can get a lot of guys in trouble.”

Hanks sentiment is shared by his teammate linebacker Jerrell Harris.

“I'm just really not into that," Harris said. "I'm not the type of person to have one.”

Tide players aren’t stupid they have seen how opening your mouth on Twitter gets you in trouble and they know their coach better then anyone and what he will and will not put up with.

If Coach Saban thought for a second that his players were talking too much on Twitter and Facebook, they’d be banned from there like certain coaches had to do to their players.

The bottom line is Saban doesn’t want the other team to use what is said online as bulletin board material to fire the other team up.

Maybe the Arkansas players should take that advice this week.

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