Is Alabama Or Arkansas The Real Deal? We Will Find Out Saturday


Roll Tide Baby!

I’ve been listening and reading some of the things the college football experts are saying about the Tide and Hogs this weekend.

Gary Danielson implied that our quarterback wasn’t good enough to lead us to a championship and now ESPN’s Mark May is picking Arkansas; my question is based on what?

You can make the argument that Alabama hasn’t really played anyone outside of Penn State, but who has Arkansas played to make these people think they’ll beat Alabama?

Arkansas played the likes of Troy, New Mexico, and Missouri State all at home which I guess prepares them to face Bama in Tuscaloosa.

One of my friends who is a HUGE Arkansas fan, tried to convince me last night that the Hogs were going to bring something different to this game.

I tried to remind my friend that Bobby Petrino is 0-3 against Saban so far; so what is it that he is going to do differently this year?

I think a lot of this talk about Arkansas is based on what they have done in their first three games against lesser opponents compared to what Alabama has done especially offensively.

Personally, I think that the experts have been fooled into believing the Tide is not very good offensively based on the fact that Coach Saban hasn’t turned loose AJ McCarron.

Seems like the same thing happened in 2009 with first year starter Greg McElroy as well and we saw how that turned out.

I happen to think Alabama is the Real DEAL!

Roll Tide!

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I agree , Sabin has been pounding the middle with Richardson so far , not really letting him run loose . AJ has been in practice mode kinda feeling his way around the receivers . Time to bust a move and shut some folks up . ROLL TIDE .!!!!!!!!

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