SEC Expansion Could Effect Iron Bowl


We interrupt our Arkansas-Alabama game talk, to discuss conference expansion. Rumor has it, up and until last night that the SEC was about to take Missouri along with Texas A & M into the SEC.

That is until the Pac-12 told Texas and the other leftovers from the Big 12 that we don’t want you in our conference. The Birmingham News was saying as late as last night that Missouri was invited by the SEC to join the conference which would have stirred up a hornet’s nest among the conference schools.

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The story goes, that if Missouri had joined the SEC, they along with Texas A & M would move to the Western Division, Auburn would have moved to the East and the kicker is that either the Iron Bowl would be moved up or not played every year.

Another danger would have been (and still may be) that Alabama would have lost their annual game with Tennessee as well.

SEC expansion is going to happen whether we want it to or not, but if it’s at the expense of our traditional rivalry games, is it worth it?

How would you guys feel if Tennessee was no longer on our schedule every year and the Iron Bowl moved up earlier? I for one would be upset especially about the Iron Bowl.

That’s what makes the game so much fun is because both teams and fan bases have to wait until the end of the year to play the game, now if Missouri comes in we might have to play it earlier to accommodate the conference schedule and to make sure neither team gets to play each other again the following week in the SEC Championship game.

If SEC commissioner Mike Slive goes along with these changes in scheduling, all heck will break loose because of it.

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