ESPN’s Low Talks Richardson and Tide Running Game


Trent Richardson

Nice article by Chris Low on Tide running back Trent Richardson.
Low talks about how Richardson has taken a humble approach to his new role as leader of the Tide’s running backs.

“I don’t care if people are trying to shut me down or not. As long as my team is having a good time and we’re winning, it’s OK with me,” Richardson said.

None of us are surprised that Trent said this, that’s how he is. The kid has always been polite and humble in his approach to the game especially in waiting his turn behind Mark Ingram and his teammates noticed that too.


“Not many guys could have done what Trent did the past two years here -- playing behind Mark,” Barrett Jones said. “Most people would say that Trent probably would have started anywhere else in the country. He waited his turn and supported Mark and really was the ultimate teammate.”

In fact the two are still very close and Mark always talks about supporting Trent and the Tide on his Facebook and Twitter pages. It just goes to show you, good things do come to those who wait.

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