Arkansas Players Trashing Talking Alabama



This Alabama game means everything and I mean EVERYTHING to Arkansas.  Bobby Petrino even said so yesterday and his players are buying into this revenge factor as well.

Some Arkansas players are saying they have been pointing to this game since they lost it last year so says Arkansas safety Tramain Thomas.

“Pretty much since last year’s game we have been wanting to get back at these guys,” Thomas said. “We have the opportunity and now we have to seize the opportunity.”

Interesting that Arkansas has placed so much emphasis on this game that you have to be wondering how it will affect them in the game especially if they get down early; one thing is for sure they don’t lack confidence that’s for sure.

ronnie wingo arkansas

Ronnie Wingo of Arkansas

“We feel like we have the best receiving corps in the country, so that’s going to help out a lot, having more playmakers on the field,” said Arkansas running back Ronnie Wingo. “It’s just going to make it harder for Alabama to stop the whole offense and look on film and say, “What are they going to do here and there with so many weapons?”

I understand how important this is game is to them, but Arkansas and their fans (a few of them I’m friends with) hyped this game up so much last year that when they lost it, they thought the world had ended.

If they lose again this weekend, you have to wonder how that is going to affect them the rest of the season; that’s the danger when you point to ONE game because if it backfires, your whole season could be up in smoke as well.

Sounds like the worst weapons for Arkansas is their lips,  and they are shooting them off just fine.  Go ahead.  Bama will let their play on the field do all the talking!


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Pretty weak “smack-talking” – “We’re gonna try, like, really hard, like, to (um) win, its, like, really important, (um) and they better, like, watch out for us, because, like, they, (um) beat us, like,last year, and (um) we wanna, like, win, (um) this time. Yeah.”

Alabama Crimson Tide
September 22nd, 2011 at 3:57 am

I have to agree that it was a reach at best on that statement 🙂 Thanks!

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