Arkansas Defense Again Being Called the Best In Years


How many times have we heard that THIS Arkansas defense is the best they ever had? If you have been following this rivalry a lot, you’ve heard it every year since Bobby Petrino has been head coach.

We marvel over their offense because we know they’ll be good, but when we get to the Arkansas defense, it’s the same talk every year that THIS Arkansas defense is the best they have ever had so you know me by now folks, I’m checking out the numbers.

And yes, Arkansas looks as if they have a pretty good defense. They are ranked 35th overall in the country, while of course the Bama defense is ranked No. 3.

ESPN SEC Blogger Chris Low seems to be buying into the Arkansas defense again too.

“It’s the best defense Arkansas has fielded under Petrino. The Hogs are deep and athletic up front, and it’s also a veteran unit. Defensive end Jake Bequette, linebacker Jerry Franklin, linebacker Jerico Nelson and safety Tramain Thomas have all been playing since they were freshmen and sophomores.”

Aren’t these the same guys who gave up 17 points in the second half of the game last year and gave up almost 400 yards passing to Troy Saturday and yet we are to believe they are better?

Come on, Petrino is an offensive guy and we know good and well this will come down to our defense stopping their offense, not the other way around. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll take Saban’s defense any day over a Petrino defense or for that matter, his offense as well.

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