Saban Compares Arkansas Game to NFL Match-Up


Cue the Monday Night Football music “Tonight from Tuscaloosa, Alabama you are about to witness a match-up between two of the best coaches in the country to see who is really best in the West.” It’s the Crimson Tide of Alabama vs. the Arkansas Razorbacks.”

That’s how Coach Saban sees this match-up between the Hogs and Bama as an NFL type game.

If you honestly look at this game, it kind of does; the defensive minded Saban vs. the offensive minded Bobby Petrino which is why this is an intriguing match-up.

“This is a lot like pro football,” said Saban. “This is what you get ready for every week because that’s how most of those teams are built.

A lot of people have already compared the SEC to the NFL, so if this was the NFL, this would be considered a premiere match-up between two of the best teams in the SEC West.

“They do a really good job, and they want to start fast. They are going to challenge you vertically down the field as well as get everybody running and send somebody across and hit them on the run,” said Saban. “Every mistake you make in pass defense, you have a little bit of an issue with in terms of getting them covered.”

Saban obviously enjoys challenges like this to see what his teams can do against high powered offenses like Petrino’s. I think that is one reason he came back to college football because he likes to see what two evenly match teams can do against one another something you rarely see in the NFL; it’s normally one very, very good team going against a very, very bad team.

It will be interesting to see who wins this chess match.

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