Tide’s Secondary to Be Tested Again by the Hogs


Izzy Gould of the Birmingham News wrote an interesting article today about the Tide’s secondary. Last year when we played Arkansas in Fayetteville, we took a very inexperience secondary to face Ryan Mallett.

As most of you remember, the Hogs torched our secondary in the first half, they settled down in the second half of the game which helped us win.

This year, the tables are turned and it’s the Hogs that come into the game with more inexperience at quarterback and on their offense line and it’s just up to the Tide to take advantage of it.

“I'm real confident in this defense,” said linebacker Dont'a Hightower said. “We have a really good front seven and the secondary is just as good as the front seven.”

To get them ready for the Arkansas passing game, the coaches are apparently showing highlights from last year’s game to remind the secondary of what the Hogs can do and to fire them up.

I think they all have good memories and remember how bad they looked in the first half, but they can also remember how they grew up in the second half as well.

Saban thinks the Arkansas wide receivers are the best in the country or at least the best they’ll see this year.

But it’s not just going to be the secondary’s job to stop the Hogs, it’s going to be up to people like Hightower and the rest of the linebackers to put pressure on Tyler Wilson to force him into mistakes because if they don’t, the outcome this time won’t be in the Tide’s favor.

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