Petrino Puts Pressure on Team to Win Alabama Game


Bobby Petrino Arkansas Head Coach
If you think the Alabama game means EVERYTHING to Arkansas' season, you’d be right. Bobby Petrino pretty much said so in his weekly press conference.

Petrino said this: “For our program and for our football team, that’s a win that we need. We have not beat Alabama yet. And we certainly need to do that. More importantly we need to start off the conference with a victory.” Petrino is 0-3 against the Tide so far.

How much pressure did Petrino Just put on his team with those comments? Petrino is bringing in a team with a new quarterback and their best player out for the season into Tuscaloosa to face the best defense in the SEC.

Alabama Football

Outside of the Auburn game, Tyler Wilson hasn’t faced anyone yet. He did well in the Auburn game last year until the Tigers put pressure on him, and when they did he started turning over the ball.

And let’s be honest here folks, if Auburn was the best defense he has faced so far, he hasn’t faced, has he really played anyone? Petrino now has put all this pressure on the kid by basically saying their season hinges on this one game.

I’m sure Coach Saban has thought the same thing, but I doubt he’d say that out loud to give the other team an advantage.

Saban should send Petrino a note thanking him for taking the pressure off of his team and their No. 3 ranking and putting the pressure all on his Razorbacks.

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