McCarron vs. Wilson: Who is better?


The biggest match-up that will be talked about most this weekend will be the quarterbacks; AJ McCarron and Tyler Wilson.

Let’s look into the numbers. According to the NCAA, Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson is 43rd in the country in overall passing with only five touchdown passes.

Now Arkansas is known for their passing, so it was interesting to see that Wilson hadn’t thrown more TD passes considering the competition he has gone up against (New Mexico, Missouri State and Troy).

But his completion percentage is high (68 percent) and he has thrown for over 800 yards.

AJ McCarron on the other hand, is 73rd in the NCAA in passing with two touchdowns and two interceptions. McCarron hasn’t been called on much to show what he’s got, I’m guessing because the running game in the past two weeks has picked up. The Tide’s running game is now 15th overall in the country.

Don’t think for a second Arkansas is not going to stack the line against us and make AJ beat them which would be the smart thing to do and more then likely, the Tide defense will do the same with Wilson. But I believe the last time the Hogs baited the Tide’s passing game, McElroy burned them.

The conclusion I’ve come to is we really don’t know that much about either quarterback. McCarron nor Wilson has shown much the first few weeks of the season and that may be by design by both coaches.

But this I do know; whoever comes up big Saturday, will probably lead their team to victory.

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