It’s Arkansas Week


This is Arkansas week, the game that basically determines how the season will go for Alabama and Arkansas. Normally, a win over the Hogs leads to better things down the line for Alabama; same can be said for Arkansas as well.

Last year was one of the few times that Alabama won the game that it didn’t propel them to a Western Division title. Arkansas’ loss last year actually helped them get to their first BCS Bowl game.

With the exception of the game two years ago in Tuscaloosa, most of these games have been close. Which game in your opinion was the most memorable?

Two comes to mind: The first was when Danny Ford was the head coach of the Hogs and his first victory over the Tide came at the end of the game with a catch in the end zone by I believe by JJ Meadors which may or may not have been a catch; personally I don’t think it was.

houston nuttMy favorite memory has to be Houston Nutt’s last game against us as Arkansas head coach and the overtime victory we had against the Hogs when they had Darren McFadden and Felix Jones.

We had a HUGE lead and I believe they came back and took the lead from us. We come back, tie the game the game goes into OT and John Parker Wilson throws a pass to Matt Caddell to win the game. That was Nick Saban’s first major win as Bama head coach.

What’s your favorite Alabama-Arkansas football memory?

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