Tide Notes for 9/18


After Alabama’s 41-0 victory over North Texas, Alabama’s defense moved up to second in the country in passing and scoring defense and running back Trent Richardson leads the nation in scoring with eight touchdowns.

Also during Saturday’s game, the Tide honored the 1971 national championship team which included one Pat Dye the former Auburn coach.

Dye, who is 71, was an assistant coach under Coach Bryant at the time. Dye said that “he hasn’t seen a lot of these guys in long time” and because of his age, he said “he didn’t know how many more opportunities he’d have to come back.”

I saw Dye on TV last night and to say it looked strange to see him out there, would be an understatement. Dye looked very uncomfortable.

As most of you know already, Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Tigers ended Auburn’s 17-game winning streak. It wasn’t lost on Swinney that a former Crimson Tider ended the Tigers’ streak.

“All the glory goes to God,” Swinney said. “He (God) has a funny sense of humor. It’s only fitting that an Alabama grad would be in charge of the team that ended the winning streak.”

A fact believe me that wasn’t lost on the folks in West Alabama.

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