Alabama Fans. Do You Think Alabama Football Is Boring?!?


I woke up this Saturday morning ready to read my morning news blogs when I came across this on

A supposedly Alabama fan saying that Alabama football games have become boring.

“I agree with the caller who thinks Bama is not an exciting team. I've waited all year for football season to start. I'm an Alabama fan, but the games are so boring that I fall asleep watching them. At least Auburn's games are exciting. So I'll either watch them or, better yet, go shopping while Alabama's on. Get with the program, Alabama, or you'll lose me.”

Now, first of all I think I can speak for most of you when I say this is obviously not a true Alabama fan, because a true fan would never think winning is boring.
So, I guess this person would be more incline that we struggle to win ball games against mediocre opponents then to dominate them.

I think if any fan is expecting for Bama to win games every week 45-41, they would be sadly disappointed because that’s not Coach Saban’s style. His style is to play good defense and run a pro-style offense and as most of you have noticed, that style has won him a couple national championships and put more then a few players in the NFL.

So, to the person who thinks Bama football is boring, I suggest you take your allegiance elsewhere because your lack of loyalty towards this team is not wanted nor needed.

Roll Tide!

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When CNS becomes satisfied with 45-41 victories, it’ll be time to get a new coach. I’ll take 3-0 over 2-1 (with the NCAA snooping around campus) anyday!

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