Tide’s Running Game Pretty Good Despite Worries


I know since the beginning of the season some Alabama fans and critics have gone into a state of panic over the Alabama running game.
When Trent Richardson started the season with only 37 yards (although he had three touchdowns), people were starting to ask questions.
“What’s wrong with Trent?” “The offensive line isn’t blocking well for Trent as they do Eddie Lacy.” Some were already counting Richardson out of the Heisman race because of his performance in the first week of the season.
But after doing a little research myself on the subject, I found out we have nothing to worry about. According to the NCAA, the Crimson Tide is 36th in the country in running the football averaging 189 yards a game.
Richardson alone had 111 yards and two touchdowns last week against Penn State and Eddie Lacy is averaging almost eight yards a carry; not bad for a team whose running game is supposedly struggling.
Alabama actually right now would be fourth in the SEC behind only Mississippi State (6th in the country), Florida (17th), and South Carolina (21st).
Keep in mind also some of the teams that are top 10 in the country in running, are building their stats against the worse teams in the country.
So, don’t fret Bama fans it’s a long season and the true test to see where the running game is will probably be next week against Arkansas, then we'll know for sure where we stand.

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