Alabama Quarterbacks: Managing vs. Taking Over a Game


There has been a lot of talk about Alabama quarterbacks under Nick Saban managing a game and I have to ask, is that a good or bad thing?

There was talk about AJ McCarron managing the game against Penn State last Saturday because he kept drives going and he didn’t turn the ball over.

I remember Greg McElroy being a little bit peeved at times when reporters would ask him about managing the Alabama offense which at times he did, but there were times last year when we saw that McElroy could do more then manage a ball game, he could put up some big numbers when asked.

Which got me to thinking; when was the last time Alabama had a quarterback who can just take over a game like a Cam Newton or a Tim Tebow?

John Parker Wilson, Greg McElroy, and AJ McCarron are all good game managers, but when was the last time Alabama had a dominate quarterback?

I thought maybe it was Jay Barker while he was under Homer Smith. I can’t remember if it was his junior or senior season when Jay put up big numbers and finished in the top five for the Heisman Trophy, but that was the last qb I could think of that was a general threat.

Let me ask you guys this: would you rather have a game manager or a game changer? Personally, I want both; I want a quarterback that can take over if needed and a guy who is willing to put his numbers aside if it means winning the ball game.

But it sure would be nice to have a quarterback that is a threat as well.

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I completely agree with you on that! I would rather see Bama control the clock, especially if we are winning the game. We need to have a guy under center who can just take control of the game, and bring us back from behind if we are losing. That being said, I like that until Ingram Bama has never won the Heisman trophy. I love how Alabama plays football as a team, I hated watching Auburn play football last year, cause it always felt like it was an offensive line, Cam Newton, and then there was no one else on the field. Cam prefers to keep the ball if he can, and not share, I hate ball hogs.

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