Saban Ask Fans for More Enthusiasm


Apparently last night’s coach’s show produced some interesting tidbits; one of them being that Coach Saban has asked for a more enthusiasm from the student section and ask that they stay through the whole game.

That’s interesting considering the fact that Auburn fans were put on blast a few weeks ago for leaving the Utah State game early when they thought their Tigers were about to lose; maybe Coach Saban mentions this because he noticed some of our fans doing the same thing.

There have always been questions at times about how much enthusiasm some Alabama fans show at games, but it’s normally about the older crowd. They have been accused of sitting on their hands at games like they were at a tennis match.

I noticed that too when I was a student there. I think that happens because they expect to win, but I didn’t realize how bad it had become until I started reading some of the comments on Twitter by the beat writers saying that the older crowd has basically told others around them to tone it down.

Tone it down at a football game?!? In my personal opinion, I thought the student section has actually picked up over the years. I think the students are much more into the games now then when I was in school.

But I’m with the coach on this one; this is a football game, not a social event at daddy’s country club where you put on your pearls and your best suit or dress. This is also not a tennis match either where you don’t make any noise unless our team makes a good play.

Part of the reason you make a lot of noise is to distract the other team.

It sounds like coach wants less of a country club atmosphere and more of a football atmosphere.

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I always feel more electricity when I am at a game in person than when I am watching on tv. But I have noticed that I am not as excited as I was in the past, I put that down to the fact that I am getting older. I certainly wouldn’t ever tell anyone at the game to tone down though. I love to see the excitement and fun at the game.

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