Pat Dye Ranks Bama #1 While Gene Stallings Has Bama #2 in Country!



Listen to this!  Pat Dye has Alabama ranked #1 in the legends poll, but Gene Stallings #2. Go figure! Coach Stallings lines up with the AP Poll on his picks & I know that he is well aware that we'll have to win it all on the field anyway! Coach Stallings, I am sure, does not want to show favoritism, and I am sure he knows we still can improve on this version of the Crimson Tide.

Point is this.. who would have thought the old Auburn head coach would pick Alabama higher than the old Alabama coach? Ironic isn't it? (pun in "Iron Bowl")  Maybe, he is actually a "Dye"-hard Alabama fan, deep down?  Who knows! 

Looking at what I have seen, Florida has shown no reason to be booted off the top (except for the Tennessee game), even though Alabama is looking like a well oiled machine. I really think the Alabama team is tops in the nation. It will hurt ot lose Hightower, but we are still loaded for bear (another pun! lol) It really will not bother me at all if Florida continues to keep the red bulls-eye planted squarely on their back, and then Bama walshes into Atlanta to take the SEC crown and get their chance for the National Championship. Isn't that how Florida did it? We'll see how it all goes.

Here are the links to how Pat Dye and Gene Stallings voted this week in the Legends poll..

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