Saban Disses New Uniforms


As most of us know, Nick Saban is not one for biting his tongue when it comes to something he believes in.

With that being said, Saban doesn’t think much of schools who change from their traditional uniforms for publicity.

"I'm a traditionalist. I don't think a coach should change the uniforms. Just for some marketing whim, I'm not into that, he said.” “What we wear is a lot bigger than me.”

So, if any Bama fan thought that the traditional crimson and white will be change for a publicity stunt, rest assured it’s not happening.

Most of the buzz about the new uniforms at least in the media has been negative.

Saban also doesn’t think the new uniforms used by teams like Georgia and Maryland, give schools any kind of recruiting advantage.

“I don't think they have an advantage on anybody else,” he said.

What do you guys think about the new uniforms? Would you like to see Alabama use funky uniforms maybe for big games like Auburn or Tennessee?

Personally, I like the fact that we are a traditional school who doesn’t feel the need to do anything different in order to attract attention to our school-winning takes care of that.

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Leave the uniforms like they are, we would not be ALABAMA if we put on some silly looking uniforms. We are BAMA and were going to roll with watch we’ve always had. Go Coach Saban.


I honestly would rather see us keep the uniforms. Pretty soon we are gonna be one of very few schools that (for the most part) wears what we did at the start of our football career. That would draw a lot of attention by players.

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