Saban Offers Opinion on Muschamp/Dooley Match-up


Two coaches from the Nick Saban coaching tree will be facing each other this weekend when Florida and Tennessee play Saturday.

This is the first time Will Muschamp of Florida and Derek Dooley of Tennessee will play each other, both Muschamp and Dooley were assistant coaches under Saban.

While Saban didn’t offer a prediction or said whom he thought was the better coach, he did talk about how each were as assistant coaches and discuss their relationship with each other during the SEC teleconference.

“Both guys are really, really, really good coaches, good teachers, good motivators, understand people well and certainly have a real good knowledge of football. And they’re well-organized guys.”

“They’re systematic in their approach.”

Hmmm, wonder where they learned that from?

“They coached together for five or six or seven years. We’ve always had good relationships with the coaches on our staff. People get along well together. Derek got along well with everybody on the staff and certainly with Will. They both had Georgia ties. They had a good relationship.”

Saban, according to many, seems to be closer to Dooley than Muschamp. It’s also well known among coaching circles that Saban is very good friends with Vince and Barbara Dooley which probably explains why the Saban’s have a house in Georgia.

One thing is certain; the relationship between Muschamp and Dooley will be tested this weekend and we’ll see who the better pupil is.

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