Sheridan Doesn’t Think Hogs Will Handle Bama


Danny SheridanI know the game is over a week away, but I don’t think it’s harmful to take a peek at the Arkansas game. While most think the Hogs maybe either the best team in the SEC or at worse the best team in the SEC West, some experts don’t think much of the Hogs.

One of those people is Danny Sheridan. Sheridan told Paul Finebaum today on Finebaum’s radio that he doesn’t see them even finishing ahead of Auburn in the SEC West.

“I don't think Arkansas can beat Alabama & LSU. I see Arkansas finishing behind Auburn in the West.”

Sheridan may be right to a certain extent, but I have to disagree. Arkansas does seem to struggle with Alabama whether it’s in Fayetteville or Tuscaloosa, but they have had better success against Auburn and LSU.

Auburn has a tendency to struggle against the Hogs especially in Fayetteville where the game is played this year and the way their defense struggled against the Hogs last year even with Mallett gone, I don’t see Auburn beating them.

As far as LSU goes, the Hogs beat the Tigers last year which is how they ended up in second place in the West. They always give LSU a hard time and I don’t see that changing much this year.

I don’t think any of these schools (including the Tide) want to get into a shoot-out with the Arkansas offense which is the strength of this team.

Arkansas always gives Bama a tough game and I expect the same thing next week, but if the Hogs plan to make a move in the national championship race, they have to beat Bama first which as they have found out over the years, won’t be an easy task.

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