Former Bama Basketball Coach to Jump out of a Plane


I’ve heard of trying to get publicity for your program but this is a bit over the top. Former Bama basketball coach Mark Gottfried will jump from a plane Saturday to present the game ball in the South Alabama/North Carolina State game.

Gottfried said he is making the jump for two reasons -- to pay tribute to Military Appreciation Week and to help promote N.C. State's basketball program.

Wonder why he never tried this while he was the basketball coach here? The team and the program could have used the boost.
Gottfried is going to make a tandem jump with the same person who helped former president George Bush on his 80th birthday.

As most of you may have known, Gottfried is a Mobile native and his father Joe use to be the AD at South Alabama so, it kind of makes sense that he is doing this to help both schools.

Also, former Bama wide out Joey Jones is the head coach of the Jags. When asked about the stunt Jones said this:

"He's a much braver man than I am, I'll tell you that," Jones said. "I don't want to look off a two-story building, much less jump out of a plane."


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