Do the Bama Faithful Cheer for Auburn?


Ok Bama fans I have to ask, when Alabama is not playing Auburn do you cheer for the Tigers?

I know some of you have relatives or even your children who have ties to Auburn or another SEC school and maybe are FORCED to cheer for them because of those ties.

I have friends who have gone to Auburn and have family members whom I call traitors, who cheer for Auburn as well. It’s all fun and games of course, but I can’t bring myself to cheer for the Tigers in anything. My brother-in-law cheers for Auburn in football, but cheered for Alabama in basketball when his friend and little brother played in Tuscaloosa.

I found myself yesterday watching the Carolina Panthers and even though he is no longer with Auburn, I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for Cam Newton because I dislike him so much. So, it didn’t hurt my feelings that he tasted defeat for the first time as a pro.

Yes, I know it’s kind of silly, but my loyalty to the Crimson Tide is so fierce, I just can’t bring myself to want to cheer for Auburn. Now, during the bowl season, I cheer for other SEC schools because of SEC pride, but not Auburn.

I’ve heard people from both sides say when the teams aren’t playing each other, they cheer for the other side; I believe some of that is bologna, but I’m sure there are fans out there that feel that way, but I’m guessing it’s not many.

What’s your opinion or your best family divided stories?


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Hell no.never.i will never pull for AU..i hope they lose every single game and hope they play like garbage.And I hope Cam throws 50 interceptions and gets sacked 100 times.


I can not nor will I ever pull for Auburn. I hate that place. I don’t with them bad luck, but I pull for Bama and anyone playing Auburn. If I had to place blame, which I don’t think is right to do, it would be on the Auburn fans. The people I know that pull for Auburn do it in such a fashion as to make me hate em.


I can’t ever bring myself to cheer for Auburn. I graduated from AUM and might have converted to Auburn then but when we were not given the opportunity to purchase student tickets to concerts in Auburn, I figured I must not be an Auburn student after all. The only time I was claimed by Auburn was when I got my degree. It read Auburn University not AUM. This may be the way things work for branches of universities, but I really felt slighted by Auburn.


Family divided … My dad went to both Auburn and Bama. I was taught to cheer for Bama first, then whomever Auburn is playing. We stand heads above Auburn fans on this count who can’t stomach to cheer for Bama. Our history is strong enough to hold our heads high and cheer for Auburn!


Do I root for Auburn…..NEVER,EVER,EVER,EVER, I root for 2 teams the Tide and anyone playing Auburn. My family is full of Aubs and they are so obnoxious about it I can never and will never root for Auburn.


I will never, I repeat never, cheer for anything Auburn related. I think they are just lucky, and had a fluke of a season last year. They should have been beaten so many times, yet look at what they do. Lose for all but the last few minutes of a game. That is not how you play anything. You go out there to win it all the time. Anyway, if anyone I know shows up to watch a Bama game in Auburn colors, they are not even let in.


Look, my last name is Bryant, so I grew up a Bama fan. I graduated from Clemson. There is NO WAY I am ever going to cheer for Auburn……


There was a time in my life when I did, but not anymore. I even had a tag on my car that had both logos on it. The Barner Fans became so in your face and obnoxoius that I can not bring myself to cheer for them any longer.


My two favorites teams are the Crimson Tide and whoever plays Awbarn….so NO!


I cheer for Alabama and who ever is playing Auburn and Tennessee


I am for Bama first, then any other team in the state, then the SEC

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