Alabama’s Rushing Defense – Look At This Stat!


Alabama has allowed -57 rushing yards on 51 attempts in its last 2 games.  That's an amazing -1.1 yards per carry!  

Thats right - (negative) 1.1!

Would be sweet to see Alabama do the same to the Penn State offense, but I am suspecting that Joe Pa will have his running game ready to go verses Alabama.  Penn State is well known over the years for great runners and offensive linemen,  I think we better be ready. 

I know that Trent Richardson knows that Penn State will be no push over, he said, "I know them boys want revenge, and they are going to bring everything they have, they are going to throw everything they can at us." 

I am hoping Alabama's defense approaches the game today in the same way.

With that said, Alabama is awesome on defending the run.  Penn State's sophomore RB Silas Redd had an outstanding game verses Indiana State by running for 104 yards on 12 carries for 8.6 yards per carry. 

Now I understand that Alabama is no Indiana State, but we can't let this talented running back find space in the defensive backfield.  When he sees open space, he can burn a defense. 

The key to stopping Penn State's running game is the defensive line. 

"They're a big, physical team," Alabama's defensive end Jesse Williams said. "I think we go out there and play, we have some big physical guys on our defensive line as well. We should try and manhandle them up in the front."

Do I think Penn State will do better than -1.1 yds/rush?   Yes, unfortunately I do.  Will it be over 100?   I am thinking that they won't get close.  Look for maximum 50 yards rushing from Penn State on our D. 

With all that said...  My main stat I am interested in winning however is the SCORE.  Lets hope Bama gets out of Happy Valley will higher stat in that column! 

Roll Tide & Stop REDD Alabama!

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