Is Trent Richardson’s Heisman Hopes On The Line Today?


Although Alabama running back Trent Richardson scored three touchdowns in last Saturday’s victory over Kent State, he only rushed for 37 yards which has some questioning whether or not Richardson will have to have a HUGE game against Penn State in order to stay in the Heisman race.

Stiff Arm Trophy has Richardson’s stock dropping after last week’s performance against Kent State although he is still fifth in the country according to their poll.
Rank player % votes

  1. Oklahoma QB Landry Jones 96% 54
  2. Boise St QB Kellen Moore 95% 53
  3. Stanford QB Andrew Luck 94% 53
  4.  Baylor QB Robert Griffin III 93% 53
  5. Alabama RB Trent Richardson 81% 45

Stiff Arm has a pretty good record over the years of picking Heisman winners including Mark Ingram which they predicted Ingram would win, but it would be a close vote. The positive thing for Trent is that he’ll have plenty of chances to show what he can do even if the Penn State defense stops him
But you do have to wonder if Richardson doesn’t run over the Nittany Lions today if his stock will fall so far that even if he does get back into the Heisman race, that there is so much anti-SEC sentiment out there that it may not matter.

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