Muschamp Disagrees with Saban on Recruiting in Texas


Since we are in day five of Texas A & M being held hostage by Baylor and the Big 12, I thought it would be interesting to hear Coach Saban’s comments comparing TAMU move to the SEC to when Penn State moved to the Big Ten while Saban was an assistant coach and head coach at Michigan State.

Former Saban assistant and new Florida head coach Will Muschamp, doesn’t think the SEC will make much head way in the state of Texas.

"At the end of the day," said Muschamp, "in the state of Texas, there are kids ... who are going to be Longhorns.

"There are kids who are going to be Sooners. And then Texas A&M's going to sign their share of players."

Coach Saban disagrees and he refers back to the time when Joe Pa and the Nittany Lions moved into the Big Ten and how that helped Michigan State and other Big 10 programs. Penn State moving to the Big Ten opened not only Pennsylvania, but the rest of the East Coast as well.

Saban was quoted as saying "I don't know that any specific team will benefit more than another," Saban said.

Meaning that yes those who are already recruiting Texas such as Alabama and LSU may or may not lose or gain ground when TAMU moves to the SEC. Both schools already recruit there.

Muschamp probably realizes his program has nothing to gain by recruiting Texas unlike Alabama and LSU who have nothing to lose.

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