Is It Time For Joe Paterno to Retire?


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It seems like every year around this time, the question is asked to Penn State head coach Joe Paterno “Coach is this the year you going to retire?” Of course Paterno announces he will be back for another year, but as each year goes by you wonder if is it time for Paterno to call it quits.

Take his Penn State record over the last few years out of it for a second we’ll get back to it later, but now we need to talk about the coaches’ health. Paterno won’t be on the sidelines Saturday for the game against Alabama because he was hurt on the practice field a few weeks ago.

I get that Coach Paterno loves what he does, but his health is starting to be a liability. Three times in the last five years, Paterno has been in some kind of incident where he got hurt. Now, I know a lot of people are saying he is a college football icon which he is, but even icons should know when to call it quits.

It’s getting to the point with Joe Pa that you are starting to feel sorry for him. People make fun of him now, his teams are not as good as they once were, and he isn’t pulling in great recruits like he once did.

Most of us remember Coach Bryant’s last few years at Alabama, but at least he recognized it was time for him to step down primarily for health reasons, but we all know what happened a month later which may be why Paterno hasn’t stepped down-the fear that once he does, he’ll die without the game he loves so much.

I’m saying all of this and his team might pull an upset tomorrow afternoon, but even if this is Joe Pa’s last stand, I still wish him well as he and Penn State have a difficult decision to make in the near future and let’s hope for not only Penn State but for his sake as well, that he makes the right one.

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