VIDEO: Jalston Fowler: The Porch Destroyer?!?


How good is Alabama running back Jalston Fowler? We all saw last Saturday that the kid has some potential after seeing him make a spectacular run against Kent State. Granted, the run was 49 yards in the second half on Kent State, but he has really shown some running skills for a big back.

But Fowler is SO good that apparently he knocked down a porch at the tender age of 11 (yes, I said knocked down) while in a pickup game. Fowler destroyed the porch while making a one handed catch.

The real reason behind this revelation demonstrates the good hands that Fowler has, not necessary the brute force of his sheer physicality (which is apparent to anyone who watches him play can clearly see on display). There is a play on youtube that shows this young "porch killer" making a one handed grab in a high school football game. Here is the video...

WOW! Can you imagine what Saban and the other coaches thought when they saw big Jalston grab that ball out of the air like that? Words that I'm sure we can't share on this family oriented blog. They can clearly see that he is a great runner, but what clinched the scholarship for him was his pass catching abilities. And perhaps... they also heard about his ability to destroy a porch. I mean seriously, how often do you hear that?

A porch-killing running back who can catch one-handed?

Jalston Fowler describing it himself.

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