Saban Talks SEC Expansion


Texas A & M’s admission to the SEC is not only a huge gain for the Aggies, but for other SEC schools as well especially for the Tide.

Coach Saban basically said recently that this will make a bigger impact (as if it were needed) for more recruits for Alabama to get.

“I think any place that you get exposure, you have an opportunity to recruit,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said. “I think one of the reasons our league has done well is we have tremendous exposure on a national level because of our tv contract and a lot of other things that our conference and our commissioner Mike Slive has done a really good job of promoting the league.”

Saban should know. He has always recruited well in Texas especially while he was coach at LSU and the adding of A & M, just open up yet another market and exposure for Alabama.

Coach also took the opportunity to briefly (without saying names of course) talk about the imploding Big 12 which as we speak is still trying to fight A & M and keep them from leaving. Baylor is threatening to sue if A & M does indeed leave for greener pastures.

“I feel every conference should provide equity and fairness for its league,” Saban said. “I think if there is an inequity for the members of the league, then I think the members should have the right to do something else. I don’t know the specifics of the Big 12 and why people are leaving that conference, but that is just my opinion.”

The consensus is that A & M is leaving because of the greediness of one particular school and we know all who that is –think Long Horn Network.

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