Coach Saban on Duron Carter Case: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”


Duron Carter is not on board at Alabama and the saga is wearing on the nerves of even Nick Saban. When asked whether Duron Carter was in or out, Saban said “You know, I have some information, but at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it,” Saban said with a wry smile. “Is that fair? Can you read between the lines at all? You guys write do you read between the lines in what you write?”

Duron Carter is the Ohio State wide receiver that hoped to be the big wide receiver who could come in this fall and step into Julio Jones shoes. He is also the son of former all-pro player Cris Carter. The fact is that now, his playing time is becoming less and less likely for him even if he makes it by the August 31st deadline. In all likelihood, he will not be much of a contributor even if he does make it this fall. You can't miss that much practice and know the offense like you need for a wide receiver. He would have to play catch up for the first half of the season even if he arrives on campus.

This saga has dragged on for the entire 3 weeks of Alabama fall camp with still no resolution. The big hold up is the release of transcripts from Coffeyville Community College in Kansas. Without that in by August 31, he won't play this fall.

We will see what unfolds...even Saban seems to be baffled.
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