Show Coach Saban How Much You Really Care!


I know it felt like last year was a down year with three losses, but that is where we are now in the state of the Alabama football program. We have one person to thank for this, and that is Nick Saban!

I was just sitting around the day thinking about how much we love what Coach Saban is doing down in Tuscaloosa. It wasn't too long ago that a 10 win season was a great year, however now the standard has been set higher. Coach Saban has brought us along to to where we are competing year in and year out for the national championship.

One dude had a funny tweet:

He doesn’t get Facebook “likes”, he gets real thumbs mailed to him in the upright position congratulating his greatness.
@TheeDosEquisMan on Twitter

The account apparently is down now on Twitter, however if you really want to sent him some thumbs. Take a picture of your thumb and post it in the mail! I am sure Coach Saban will love it! LOL He will be wondering what is up with the Alabama fans!


Mail your thumb to NICK SABAN!

Nick Saban
Head Football Coach
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
The University of Alabama
Box 870323
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

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