Does Auburn Hope To Grow Up To Be Like Alabama?


alabama auburnI thought this was an interesting assessment of what Auburn is looking at with their national championship last year & the looming cloud of speculation over the program regarding Cam Newton. 

The Auburn situation is... complicated and nuanced. Auburn would never admit it, but it always wanted to be Alabama when it grew up. Or if not be Bama, at least beat Bama. It got its wish -- and a national title -- last season, but did so with a one-and-done player whose reasons for leaving the University of Florida were never fully disclosed and whose actual knowledge of his father's pay-for-play attempt remains a mystery today. - Article by By Gene Wojciechowski of

After the Casey Anthony verdict came out this week, I heard a juror say that just because they voted "not guilty" doesn't mean that Casey was "innocent". The jury is still out in the court of public opinion on Auburn & Cecil Newton's alleged improprieties. He did solicit Mississippi State for cash to play. What happened at Auburn... we may never know.

When we look at it closer, does Auburn long to be Alabama? I think they have been envious of Alabama since the Alabama Polytechnic Institute days.

Even with a National Championship in hand, they are a shot-the-dark. Look for the Tigers to slide big time this year. Gene Chizik is not on the same level as Nick Saban in terms of coaching or recruiting ability. Last season, it was all about the phenom Heisman QB that made enough of a difference in 7 close games... it was a fluke. Look for the slide to begin this year as Auburn only returns 4 players on each side of the ball.

Last year, the little brother got a sucker punch in on Alabama... but look for BIG BROTHER to put the kid brother back in his place this upcoming season!


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