Will The Saban QB Spanking Make A Difference This Year?


spankingI can't help it... I get a laugh out Coach Nick Saban jumping down McCarron's throat and spanking him in the Mississippi State game last year. The kid obviously did the complete opposite of what Coach Saban had asked. He tried to force things when there was nothing to be had on a play. Saban wants quarterbacks who will protect the ball and make the smart decisons to where to deliver the pigskin. Hurling the ball on a backwards run in a lob-like fashion for easy pickings isn't a great way to get on the good side of CNS.

The moment, etched in Youtube video history, is sure to be a pivotal learning moment for the young quarterback. At this moment, we obviously do not know if Phil Simms or AJ McCarron will be throwing the rock ona regular basis for Alabama at starting QB, but we do know that Saban expects smart play from the quarterback. It is one position where the play can literally make or break a ball game. Throw picks and a game goes down the drain.

Fortunately we have 2 great QBs right now and I will be willing to bet that Saban has spanked Simms once or twice as well. The question I want to ask now is this...

Will The Saban QB Spanking Make A Difference This Year?

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