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darrington sentimore
Sources told TideSports.com today that said that Darrington Sentimore is looking to transfer from Alabama to possibly Miami. It is being reported that he is looking elsewhere due to a "disciplinary issue". There has been no public statements about him being suspended. I hope he gets things figured out in his life, if he stays we would love to keep him. However, I think Sentimore is a little undersized anyway to be a big time player on the defensive line. He is a good player and has shown improvement this spring. It is possibly one of those "playing time" issues.

If Sentimore is truely leaving Alabama, it will mark the 6th time this off-season that a player has transferred since the end of last season. Those players include Demetrius Goode, Corey Grant, Brandon Moore, Petey Smith, & B.J. Scott.

It is getting pretty obvious that Coach Saban runs a tight ship, and if you don't like his rules then you can walk the plank. Alabama is stockpiled with 5-star recruits and those players who can't step up have to step out.

I do wish him the best of luck if he leaves (as I do the other players who left), but I think this is a blip on the radar. Bama is loaded for "Bear" anyway!


You can see Sentimore (94) and the rest of DL in video below.

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