Looking Back At George Teague


gtMy first memory of George Teague came in the 1993 Sugar Bowl as he humiliated Miami's offense on two special plays... one did not count officially, but it counted more than words could say. In the first play that brought down the braggart Miami "dynasty", George Teague intercepted the first pass of his career and high stepped past Geno Toretta for an easy touchdown.

In the play that did not count, but broke the back of the vaulted Miami offense, Teague ran down one of the so-called fastest receivers in America, Lamar Thomas. In doing so, he also stripped the ball out of his arm and proceeded to run the other way. It was a play I will never forget for the rest of my life. What was utterly amazing is that he did it in full stride and hung on to the ball without falling to the ground. The play came back on an off-sides penalty, but the damage was done to the ego of the Hurricanes. They had to punt. Bama went on to pound them in a 34-13 victory.

George Teague went on to a stellar pro career with the Cowboys, Packers, & Dolphins. He still holds the NFL playoff record for the longest interception return of 102 yards. He is also well known for knocking down a taunting 49er Terrell Owens on the Dallas Star. Check it out in the video below.

NFL VIDEO: Go to the 33 second mark.

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