Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio Health Crisis This Year


Mark Dantonio

Michigan State head football coach, Mark Dantonio, had a very serious health crisis this football season. In the midst of one of the best football seasons in Michigan State football history, Dantonio suffered a serious health crisis in the form of a heart attack.

He had the heart attack shortly after Michigan State won the Notre Dame game in overtime.

To undergo such a serious health crisis, it's no wonder that he missed two games. He's a tough guy and immensely focused on the task at hand.

You'd think a coach who had such serious health issues would take the opportunity to take the rest of the season off. Dantonio would not miss playing his mentor, Nick Saban, for the world.

“My focus is on right now, if that gives you an indication,” Coach Dantonio said. “My health is very, very good.” and went on to say that he "gradually" eased himself back into coaching at the Michigan game.

Coaching your biggest rival and then the defending national champs... that is what you call gradual??

Who does that sound like? Coach Nick Saban!

They are very much alike.. Fiercely driven... Competitive... And top-of-the-line football coaches.

And get this.. secondary coaches as assistants!

Coach Nick Saban said former assistant Coach Mark Dantonio is a good friend who he had a "tremendous amount of respect for."
The last time that Saban spoke with Dantonio was during the hospital stay following a heart attack.

Coaching Saban has even had him come speak at coaching clinics at Alabama

With Dantonio back, Michigan State will be ready to play. It will be interesting to see how the two friends matchup.

Michigan State comes in with a better record at 11-1, in Alabama brings in a 9-3 team that was number one for most of the year and has last year's Heisman trophy winner in the backfield.

While we wish Coach Dantonio well with his health, we still want him to lose the Capital One Bowl on January 1st!  

Roll Tide!

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