Alabama Defensive Line Coach, Bo Davis, Going to Florida?


bo davis I'm not sure how good this source is in Gainesville, however the website is reporting that Florida is expected to hire Alabama's current defensive line coach, Bo Davis.

Will Muschamp, Florida's new head coach, is on the lookout for assistant coaches. One of the other coaches on Alabama staff that may possibly be courted by Muschamp is Alabama's defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. Those rumors have not been confirmed but are being reported by

Bo Davis has a history with Will Muschamp. He coached with Will Muschamp at LSU as a strength and conditioning coach.

But Davis coached All-Americans Terrence Cody and Marcel Darius, however the defensive line play has come under fire in the last year for its lack of a pass rush.

Is it all true? We don't know yet. I would not doubt it at all it if Will Muschamp is looking at the Alabama staff to help build up his cupboard. Alabama staff is very good at recruiting and training young men to be top-notch football players.

If Bo Davis leaves, I don't know whether or not to be happy or sad about the situation. It seems right now that Alabama is in a funk in the pass rushing game. A new defensive line coach with some fire in his belly may be just what we need.

The defensive line seemed to be a major disappointment all year long. However, when you consider that Marcel Darius was hurt and we no longer had Mount Cody (big shoes to fill nevertheless)... it is understandable that there could've been a let-down easy. Also, when you lose a position coach, he can sometimes impact recruiting relationships.

With all the targets being placed on several of the Alabama coaching staff from Jim McElwain, Kirby Smart, Sal Sunseri, and now Bo Davis... you can most likely expect Coach Nick Saban to be shopping around for at least one assistant coach in the next few weeks or months prior to spring practice.

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Look at Alabama’s second half meltdown against Auburn and you would see why they need to replace McElwain and Smart. Why you ask, someone spots you 24 pts. and then you can’t score more than 3 pts the rest of the game. Then there’s the defense. Up 24 pts. looks like you could open up your defensive schemes instead of going into a passive hibernation like Alabama did, with an non-existent pass rush (same song second verse all year long)looked like Dubois’ “bend but don’t break philosophy. Bottom line Auburn’s Off. & Def. coaches adjusted and Alabama’s didn’t. Therefore you get to take it on the chin for a year. I think Saban can do a lot better. My opinion only.

Alabama Crimson Tide
July 12th, 2011 at 4:49 am

thanks I changed it… mental hiccup. Roll Tide! -Chris

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