VIDEO: Can Alabama Get Back In Title Hunt? ESPN Thinks So


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Video below. With the losses of Missouri and Michigan State coming this past weekend, even ESPN this and it is possible for Alabama to get back in the national title game. Granted, it will take winning all of the rest of their games on a tough schedule involving at three out of four top 20 football teams (and possibly 4 out of 5 if it is South Carolina from the East division). Even ESPN thinks so.

The losses by Missouri and Michigan State set Alabama up for a big chance to control their own destiny. They will have to jump Boise State and TCU/Utah in the computer rankings. TCU or Utah, one or the other, will drop out because they play each other.

The strength of the Alabama schedule at this point is the thing that stands out above all the rest. Nobody in this country has a tougher schedule the close the season.

This weekend in Alabama rose to #5 in the AP standings and #6 in the BCS standings. Utah leapfrogged Alabama in the BCS only because Alabama has an average computer ranking of #15. However, now we are coming to the meat of the schedule.

None of the remaining games are easy, except for one (Georgia State in its first year), however this kind of roadmap to success is how champions are made. Just as you hear Nick Saban preach in his pregame speeches, everyone wants what we have... (That is a national title.) They want to take it from us. If we want it…we have to go get it!

It is most likely that if Alabama sweeps the rest of its schedule, they will be in the BCS National Championship Game.

They may have to leap over some Horned Frogs or buck the Boise State Broncos, but it is not out of the question.

Watch the college football pundits at ESPN argue Alabama's chances in the video below..

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