Alabama Football Team Ranked #5 in AP; #6 in BCS


The best ranked 1-loss team in the nation, the Alabama Crimson Tide comes in at #5 in the AP and #6 in the BCS standings. Many people are saying that Alabama has a very legitimate chance to leapfrog the smaller (and possibly undefeated) non-BCS teams if it wins-out with victories over 4 of its last 5 opponents most likely being in the top 20 (South Carolina, I project, will be in the SEC championship. They are ranked #19).

No other school in the country can boast of a tougher schedule to close out the year. With only one cupcake in Georgia State, Bama needs to take each game one at a time. The rest will fall into place with the computers.

Man it would be nice to go to Glendale, Az for a chance at our second crystal ball in 2 years! Its in our hands right now. Just have to seize the opportunity!


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