Ever Sit In A Bus Seat With A Mountain? Saban Has!


Nick Saban and Mount Cody have a bond now that no other player has... they ride in a bus seat together on team trips.

In the past, no one really would sit beside the head coach. That all changed when Mount Cody came along wanting to put a bug in the head coach's ear. You see.. Mount Cody has lost a great deal of weight down to 349 pounds. He's not why were he wants to be, because the coaches say he needs to play around 340 pounds to be an effective pass rusher. Mount Cody talks to coach Saban and let them know that last year he couldn't have even fit in the seat with him.

Terrence Mount Cody has been working after practice do an extra sprints to help trim him down and increase his speed for the pass rush. It is the key element to his game that will make a difference as the tide hits into the latter part of the year. At the moment, coach Saban is still pretty much saying that Mount Cody has not arrived yet but he is giving him a little bit more opportunity to pass rush when obvious passing situations came up in the FIU game.

To me, it looks like Mount Cody's played a really fired up game against FIU, but after North Texas, the competition is only going to get faster and stronger as we get into the meat of the SEC schedule.

Giving Mount Cody the hope of possibly getting in on a third-down situation does motivate this young man to achieve something that seemed impossible last year, but facts are facts, there are some fast players behind him they can really shoot the gap in a pass rush and get to the quarterback.

Does Mount Cody have time to improve to the point where he will be left in on third down? That will be up to the coaches to decide. But I would not bet against Mount Cody... he's a man who would do what it takes, even if it means sit beside coach Saban on the bus 🙂   

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