Mark Ingram The Next Wally Pipp? Highly Doubtful


mark ingram wally pipp? no way!Who is Wally Pipp anyway? Have you ever heard of NY Yankee's Lou Gehrig? Mr. Pipp (sounds like a soft drink!) was the starting first baseman for the Yankees when he famously lost his starting job to Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig at the beginning of Gehrig's record breaking streak of starting 2,130 consecutive games! Pipp was said to have sat out that game prior to the first Lou Gehrig start due to a "splitting headache". He wasn't a bad player at all either, in fact he was the first Yankee to win a home run title! In fact, he personally helped develop as a young first baseman, Lou Gehrig!

Where are we going with this story? Well, there has been some speculartion from the media that Mark Ingram was going to befall the same fate as ol' Wally Pipp saga of 1925. The theory is that Alabama's Trent Richardson has been so good running the ball this year that MArk Ingram will be the odd man out as T.R. takes over the starting role.

trent-richardson-pippNothing could be further from the truth. You could even ask Trent Richardson himself, who should be starting. Even after capturing the SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors after his tremendous 144 yards rushing against the vaulted Penn State defense, he will defend Mark Ingram's right to be the starting running back at Alabama.

"When we get Mark back, we're going to be even better," star backup running back Trent Richardson said. "We can all have fresh legs."

Richardson would start for 99 percent of the college football teams in America, if not 100% besides Alabama. He is that good. He is out of the same high school and the same mold of Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. He is immensely talented but he understands his role and the concept of team. He wants MArk Ingram back soon, even if it means less carries down the road. He knows that long term it will mean higher quality carries as Alabama will be able to pound defenses.

Alabama's coach Nick Saban was profuse in the praise this week for his star backup "Trent Richardson played a fantastic game, He's the first one to get 100 yards against their defense in a long time, which says a lot about their defense. But it also says a lot about Trent."

In him taking over the role of Heisman winner, Ingram, Richardson set the record straight by saying "No way" to the concept. He explained further by saying "We don't even look at ourselves as starters," Richardson said. He is not just being nice, he actually means it. He considers himself an equal partner in the running back position, but he also enjoys seeing his buddy carry the load too. "It's just a pleasure to watch him run," Richardson said of Heisman winner Mark Ingram. "I love seeing him run."

So don't try to think that Trent is taking over, Mark will be back stronger than ever after his surgery, and the SEC better watch out.

We are M.I.T.R. (mightier) with them both than with just T.R.!


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