True Freshman C.J. Mosley Is Next Stud Linebacker at Alabama


cj mosely alabama linebacker

In Saturday's cupcake win against San Jose State, Alabama got the chance to see some youngsters play for the first time. Most impressive of them all was CJ Mosley. He not only played good for a freshman, but he was the top tackler on the team with six tackles. It was a very impressive debut to say the least.

He could be a great add-on to the defense to compliment Hightower. To me, it seems very reminiscent of the combination of a Dont'a Hightower as a freshman and Rolando McClain from two years ago. It will definitely be interesting to see how CJ Mosley develops for the rest of the year... but you cannot but be excited with how he played Saturday.

I predict C.J. Mosley will be the next stud linebacker at Alabama. For a Bama defense that is reloading after losing a lot of talent to the NFL, it's good to see fresh faces making a big impact. Something tells me that CJ Mosley will be a integral part of the defense this year as Alabama carries out the task of defending its national championship. We need all the help we can get when we play the likes of Penn State, Florida, and the rest of the tough schedule that features 6 teams that get a bye week before playing Alabama.

Mosley was a four-star linebacker prospect from Theodore High School in Theodore, AL who just signed with Alabama on February 2010. This explosive young linebacker was Parade All-American and a U.S. Army All-American in high school. In fact, Rivals had him ranked as the No. 6 outside linebacker nationally.

At 6-2 / 225 lbs, he still has some growing to do for SEC football, but I have a feeling that the Alabama 's nutritionist and strength trainer will have meat on his bones more by next year. For him to step up at this caliber of play in his first game as a true freshman is simply amazing.

Jerrell Harris Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker

Jerrell Harris - Starting Alabama Crimson Tide Linebacker

Mosley was listed as second team behind Jerrell Harris at the weakside linebacker position in the preseason. While he will most likely not overtake Harris for the starting nod, he will see significant playing time during games this year.

Coach Saban made a comment about him in the preseason saying, "CJ is a very bright guy. He's very football instinctive and he's a very, very good athlete."

To hear coach Nick Saban using two very's in describing how good this young athlete is, that it should show you how highly he thinks of him. CJ Mosley is going to be a star.

Saban went on to comment more on CJ Mosley saying, "As young guys go, he's been one of the guys who has been showing the most maturity in being able to learn, grow, develop, and learn from mistakes. ... He's not affected by the mistakes, because he doesn't get frustrated. ... Not to the point that affects his play. Not to the point where the negative experience is not a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block."

Dont'a Hightower is also high on the young freshman. Hightower said, "I see more of Rolando (McClain) in him than I see myself. ... He's a lot smarter than what I was when I was a freshman. .. He didn't come in early like a couple of the other freshmen did, but he's progressed a lot faster than a lot of those guys have, even some of the guys that have already been here for a year."

Will CJ Mosley be the next stud linebacker in the Alabama linebacker factory much like Rolando McClain, Cornelius Bennett, Derrick Thomas, Dont'a Hightower, DeMeco Ryans, Lee Roy Jordan, Woodrow Lowe, Barry Krauss... Time will tell, but I truly believe true freshman C.J. Mosley IS the next stud linebacker at the University of Alabama!

Roll Tide!

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