One More Week!!! Who Is Pumped Up For The Tide?


pumped up
One week until Alabama plays to defend its national championship. I am totally pumped up and ready to go, how about you? If you are, be sure to shout it out here or on our Facebook fan page!

I am curious to see how many people are ready to roll with the Tide this year!

Roll Tide!

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ROLLLL TIDE, ROLL! The question should be who is not pumped for Alabama Crimson Tide to go to the Championship playoff again? Saban is the man and he can get it done if left alone to do his job. He has the players and the knowledge so everyone “SHUT UP and leave him to his job”.


I love BAMA I wish I could go to the southcarolina ALABAMA Game,PLEASE someone Help!!!?
I love Nick like to spend a week with him!! But I don’t think his wife would like that,or my Hubby! hahahaha
ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! My heart is already doing flip flops!!!! Please BAMA don’t over Look those ShameCocks,they are wanting to win one game and it is not Clemson it is BAMA!!!!!!! I got to get there to scream for my BAMA!!! I Live here in SC so believe me I know!!!!! I love to go out in my BAMA Shirts ,That heats them up!! I live about 15 miles from Williams Brice Station!!!YUCK!!!

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