Spunky Kicker for San Jose State Is Ready to “Knock “Alabama around!


spunkyIt's common to find one big mouth on most teams, except Alabama of course, but San Jose State's little kicker, Harrison Waid, has the biggest mouth on his team.

He was quoted by the Mercury News (mercurynews.com) as saying "We're excited we get to knock them around," said the spunky little redshirt freshman kicker from Sunnyvale, California. "If we beat them, we will remember it for the rest of our lives no matter what else happens."

You can't blame the kid for being ready to play, but that is one big "if" he is tossing around... most likely for bulletin board fodder.

I compare to like having a Chihuahua for a guard dog, he's all bark and no bite. While it is true that Alabama cannot take anything for granted, think back to Louisiana-Monroe beating the Crimson Tide in 2007, I really don't think that SJS will be a problem for the reigning national champions. But history tells us to never say never.

San Jose State will be coming off a 2-10 football season with a new coach. In 1998, he was was one of the assistant coaches for Temple University when they defeated #14 Virginia Tech in that season's biggest upset as a 36 1/2 point underdog. So Alabama can't think this is a gimme game. Gene Stallings said if you don't think a game is important, try losing one.

It is very important for Alabama to get a good start to the season regardless of what the little spunky Chihuahua freshman kicker from San Jose State has to say about it.

After all, talk is cheap!

Roll Tide!

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