Watch Out NFL Agents! Nick Saban May Piledrive You in the Dirt!


nick saban pile driver wrestlingIn Hoover, AL today you may get a sense that Nick Saban is mad... very mad.. so mad he may pile drive in the nearest NFL agent he can find! You know the sleaze bags that are causing players in Alabama to lose an eligibility in games that he needs to win!

Can you see the wrestling match now?

The sleaze bag NFL agent slips into the corner of the ring (he's in black of course similar to the Georgia Bulldogs :-)... Coach Nick Saban is on the other side of the ring in his crimson & white wrestling trucks, vest, & straw hat. Terry Saban is very much by his side.

flying nick sabanHis gaze fixes on the opponent... ding.. ding.. ding..

The match begins...

Down CNS comes with a flying elbow... BAMM!

He kicks the guy in the face... WHAMM!

Then for good measure he picks the sleazebag up off the mat... and sets him up for the pile driver!


1-2-3 OUT FOR THE COUNT! Coach Saban WINS!

Of course, this will never happen.. but it is fun to think about. The truth, however, is that Coach Nick Saban is not a happy man. He is mad at NFL agents and the system that allows them contact his star football players

First.. Look at what happened with the Andre Smith fiasco back in Jan 2009 when he had to sit out his last game in the Sugar Bowl due to improper agent contact. You know what happened, and Coach Nick Saban hates to lose because of a key player like Andre Smith being declared ineligible .

Here we are again at the cusp of a new football season, a media day start today with Nick Saban coming to the podium to speak his mind on a new season with expectations for greatness. On the day before, news breaks that possible infractions have occurred with his super star defensive lineman, Marcel Dareus.

Man talk about screwing up the first day of media days!!! The boss man in Tuscaloosa can't be happy!

I'm hoping that the investigation proves that more so Darius did not take any money in transportation, lodging, or any other expense because he is a star player and he can make a difference in a ballgame.

Look what the sleazy agents have done to Reggie Bush and USC and the NCAA is just looking for an excuse to come after Alabama again! Yeah that's right there is no good blood between Alabama and the NCAA!

Hopefully Coach Nick Saban doesn't ever have get into a wrestling match with them! Reggie Bush even has had his Heisman Trophy revoked and games from a national championship year have been vacated! None of that is going to happen in this case, however the NCAA is not anyone you want to tangle with. It is why Nick Saban stays on their good side!

In the South, we take our football (and our wrestling) very seriously!

Keep in mind that here in the South, we take our football (and our wrestling) very seriously!  Heck, you know we take it seriously here in the South when Tennessee fans are mugged by their own football players and they don't want to press charges because "that's just the way it is in Tennessee!" And most likely, you'll see that mugged fan cheering on the UT football team! You'll find it throughout the Southeast that football fans here take her football dead serious.

Going back to what Nick Saban is dealing with right now with football agents, he is requesting that the NCAA looks at how agents can interact with college football players. He is asking if it really makes sense to throw open the doors of the colleges to the NFL if they're not going to help them out about punishing the agents for illegal contact of college players.

But what is the college to do? They already educate athletes and their families about the perils of dealing with agents. There is a possibility that they can lose their eligibility through agent contact. The university and the coaches cannot be in the back pocket of every player on their team. It is ultimately the player's responsibility to do the right thing.

Right now, the NCAA is trying to determine who paid for the trip for Marcel Dareus to Miami. That is to be determined. But one thing is for sure, Nick Saban is not happy!

In a statement by Coach Saban on the Dareus incident, "What the NFL Players Association and the NFL need to do is if any agent breaks a rule and causes ineligibility for a player, they should suspend his (agent's) license for a year or two," Coach Saban said. "I'm about ready for college football to say, 'Let's just throw the NFL out. Don't let them evaluate players. Don't let them talk to players. Let them do it at the combine.' If they are not going to help us, why should we help them?"

Can you feel the love?

I have a feeling if a bad agent was to come around Nick Saban in Hoover, he might be willing to lay him out with a piledriver!

Wow...wouldn't that feel good?


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