Breaking News: Marcel Dareus May Have Broken NCAA Rules


Marcel dareusThere is an ongoing investigation at the moment in the University of Alabama compliance department, concerning whether or not Marcel Dareus broke NCAA rules by attending an agent's party in Miami earlier this summer.

Dareus is considered one of top 10 NFL draft prospects for next year and is allegedly one of numerous college football players to have contact with NFL sports agents.

The NCAA is investigating the matter to determine who paid for the transportation to Miami and other expenses while Marcel Darius was there.  This comes on the heels of the incident with Maurkice Pouncey of Florida that allegedly accepting $100,000 from an agent's representative prior to last year's Sugar bowl.

Let's all hope that this ends up being nothing and that Marcel Dareus can play all next year and there is no effects on Alabama football program. I really think Bama is fine, but possibility that Dareus could lose time waiting on a NCAA decision. We will see.

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