Brodie Croyle News


Brodie Croyle news

Wondering what has been going on with the former QB of the Crimson Tide? Here is a video interview he did with that will let you in on what he is doing nowadays.

While Kansas City's Brodie Croyle is happy is currently a member of the Chiefs football team, he is not happy being the back-up quarterback to Matt Cassel. He is aiming for the #1 spot. Speaking candidly about the situation in Kansas City where he is battling, he said , "You're not ever content being a backup. Once you play, once you've started, you always have that drive. If you lose that drive, you're probably not in love with game anymore. Obviously, I want to start, but I'm in a good position there."

Former Alabama starting quarterback, Croyle was selected in the 3rd round of the 2006 draft. So far in his NFL career, he has completed 173 of 300 passes for 1,631 yards along with eight touchdowns & eight inter­ceptions.

In this video, he also talks about how he is now co-owner of a new sports complex in Homewood, Alabama and how he wants to give back to the community.


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