Gary Danielson’s Absurd Reason To Give LSU National Title Split No Matter What!


CBS Sports' Gary Danielson thinks thats the inevitable will happen at this years BCS title game, as LSU and Alabama are on a collision course for a rematch. However, his case for splitting the title even if Alabama wins is absurd at best.

A championship game is for all the marbles in my opinion. In the end, it boils down to what everyone else thinks.

I am just ready to get "The Game of The Century II" on!

Pardon the audio on this video. Not my fault!

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Although I think Danielson rarely removes his head from his sphincter, what he’s said here is not unreasonable. The “AP regular season champion” – LSU *should* win that, should they go undefeated. As a matter of fact, I don’t see how they could *not*.

On a side note, the AP regular season champion just means, “Who’s on top of the polls after the regular season ends?” In the BCS era, this is entirely meaningless. Let LSU have this well-deserved but ultimately meaningless title.

It’s the BCS that matters.

Oh… and Roll Tide!

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